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Merry Freakin' Christmas! Revisited

Well, it seems there has been quite an outcry about the display in Olympia, Washington that attacks religion in the guise of celebrating the winter solstice.

First of all, do good atheists everywhere even celebrate the winter solstice to begin with?  I’ve heard of pagans doing this but do non-believers really celebrate this time of the year?  If so, why?  I’ve heard Christians railed against for supposedly imposing Christmas upon a pagan holiday but are atheists now doing the same thing?  I’m just a little curious about that…

As I stated previously, I don’t have a problem with unbelievers putting up their own display, along with displays from other religions.  What does bug me about this display is that those who are celebrating at this time of the year have gone out of their way to make their own displays accommodating so as not to “offend” (said with extreme prejudice, mind you…) the general public.  However, the atheists, in this case, have gone  out of their own way to do just that, to offend.  These are the same folks who so often cry out against how religious folk, Christians in particular, are offending them by publicly displaying their religious beliefs.  Does anyone else note the hypocrisy on display here?

To quote Richard Land, president of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission…

An appropriate symbol of the winter solstice (one can hardly imagine what that would be), placed in the public space to honor those who observe the winter solstice, does nothing to either denigrate or promote Christianity. The current display is hostile and disrespectful. In accommodating peoples’ wish to have their faith acknowledged in the public square, one must understand that such displays must not attack other faiths.

Mr. Land is correct.  Atheists should not be restricted from erecting displays at the appropriate times of the year nor should their message be censored, in my opinion.  My respectful request of them would be to attempt to get their message out there by willingly restraining their own baser nature and putting up a display that peacefully promotes their own viewpoint instead of attacking and tearing down another.


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