Rush’s “2112” Album and the Satan Conspiracy

Rush "2112" front cover

Back in the 80s when I was only just barely in my teens, I attended a retreat that was about how rock music was all Satanic.  It was one of those deals where they would show all the supposed Satanic album covers, play backwards Satanic messages and tell you how evil all the bands were.  To tell the truth, some criticisms were legitimate.  For instance, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin is truly at least fascinated with if not an outright practitioner of the occult (just do a Google search on Page and his fascination with occultist Aleister Crowley).  However, I ended up discovering on my own that many criticisms were not well-founded.  One of them was the criticism against one of my now favorite bands, Rush.

This criticism was due mostly to the album cover for their 1976 album “2112” (see picture above), which features a pentacle as part of the cover art.  The pentacle is basically the same thing as a pentagram, just turned differently so that the one point is pointing upward instead of down, like the pentagram does.  As the story goes, this supposedly makes the members of this band Satanists because they have an obviously occult symbol featured prominently on one of their most famous albums.  The problem with this theory is that those who make this accusation have done little or no research or just basically parroted the accusation from other sources. To understand why the pentacle is featured on the album cover, you have to understand the story behind the title track of this album.

Written by drummer Neal Peart and based upon some of the writings of author Ayn Rand, “2112” is a story set in the distant future in a far away solar system called the Solar Federation.  On one of the planets, the main character discovers a strange stringed instrument, a guitar.  At first he’s not sure what it is because things of this sort have been banned by the priests, those who are in control of his world.  The song progresses as he learns how to tune and then to play this instrument and, in his excitement, he goes before the priests to show them what he has found and what beautiful music he can make with it.  In their anger, the priests destroy the instrument and the man goes off, dejected at what he has just experienced.  As the song and story ends, the Solar Federation is engulfed in a revolution and the powers that be are overthrown.

Another part of the story describes the “red star”, which is the symbol of the Solar Federation.  The Solar Federation is, according to the story, the bad guys in this story of good versus evil.  Therefore, the “red star” or pentacle, is clearly viewed as a symbol of evil, not something that Peart is saying should be worshiped or held up as a symbol of good.

Rush "2112" back cover

Further defining the status of the pentacle, the back album cover for “2112” again displays the pentacle.  However, this time the image of a naked man is silhouetted in front of it with his arms extended towards it, his palms facing outward as if he is pushing against the pentacle.  I’ve come to understand through my research (I can’t remember where I read it) that this symbolizes the natural man and his struggle against evil.  The large image of the computer chip at the bottom is represented because some of the lyrics for “2112”, from the section titled “The Temples of Syrinx”, say “We are the priests of the temples of Syrinx…Our great computers fill the hallowed halls.”

As you can see, the image of the pentacle is not at all representative of the religious beliefs of the members of Rush.  Actually, Neil Peart, in a letter to a newspaper here in the U.S., refuting claims of Satanism made against the band, stated that he does not even believe in a literal Satan and, I believe, I’ve read elsewhere that he is agnostic, which doesn’t surprise me based upon the other lyrics he’s written over the years.  You can read the entirety of this letter here.

Neil Peart

As I said earlier, there is indeed some warranted criticism of some artists as far as it concerns their occult beliefs, though they are certainly free to believe and promote any religious view that they wish.  However, I think it also becomes my fellow Christians to have well thought out viewpoints and make informed statements considering such things. To do otherwise invites only scorn, ridicule, and reproach upon the name of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Neil Peart’s in this movie about air-drummers, you should check it out…

  2. Yah i saw it it was good.

  3. Great post.
    I always thought the criticism of this album and the band was unwarranted.
    Ayn Rand was a staunch anti-Communist and the book Anthem shows where Communism will inevitably lead. If you listen close to the entire 2112 Overature there are also potshots taken at Communism and fanaticism as well.

  4. Rush as satanic…..yeah that is laughable and ignorant.

    And Fear
    Walk hand in hand

    Neil Peart is a lifelong learner and shining example for anyone to learn from both as a writer and musician. He never stops challenging himself to be better at what he does.

    • Well, ignorant is a good word because those people aren’t dumb but they just didn’t do their homework.

      Anyway, Peart isn’t immune from criticism, either. As for, prejudice, since you mentioned it, Peart seems to me to be prejudiced against religious people. Does that make him evil or Satanic? Obviously not, but Peart doesn’t always follow his own lyrical advice.

      • I would not say he is prejudiced against religious people.

        He could care less what people’s beliefs are. He basically says you can have a positive value system without religion. If he is prejudiced, it is against the judgment people place on others who do not conform to their views.

    • he is prominently wearing a cross here…

    • Laughable? Then why was neil wearing a satanic cross when they were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame?

      • A satanic cross? Do you fanatics even realize how completely ridiculous the feces that comes out of your mouth is? Learn something about the man. People that aren’t religious don’t believe in/worship the devil. Why would they worship something that they don’t believe exists? Come on… This is common sense.

        A good deal of Americans that don’t subscribe to religions are generally “Humanists” look it up. They are often the most “Christian” people in the room. You fundamentalists are scary.

        • Then why would he wear a cross if he wasn’t religious? You just cancelled out your own arguement dummy. You should watch more what comes out of your mouth because it doesn’t even make sense

          • Right, like when people wear t-shirts with Santa Claus on them; that means they believe in Santa right? Haha, you’re too much. But lets get to the crux of this. There is no such thing as a “Satanic Cross”. You people are afraid of yourselves more than anything. You’ve got some creepy fantasies.

        • Why would he wear something he doesnt believe in then? Maybe he does believe..

          • Right, like when people wear t-shirts with Santa Claus on them; that means they believe in Santa right? Haha. lets get to the bottom of this ridiculous line of banter; there is no such thing as a “Satanic Cross”. You people are afraid of yourselves more than anything, and you make this crap up to scare yourselves. Please show me the verse in the bible talking about the Satanic Cross! You revert to the bible for EVERYTHING, so lets hear the verse now… the one that talks about being careful of the Satanic cross… I’ll be waiting.

          • Lots of people, especially musicians, wear crosses just as an accessory. Doesnt symbolize any beliefs they might have. It’s really that simple. Besides, as the great Bill Hicks said “Do you really think Jesus wants to see a bunch of crosses when he returns? It’s like going up to Jackie Onassis with a rifle pendant on, you know.” 🙂

          • Hahaha, oh that’s funny! And so painfully true. I don’t know if I’d mention the impeccable Bill Hicks here tho; anyone who can think that critically must be a soldier of Satan.

            I’ve just realized that Window 10 spellcheck forces you to capitalize “Satan”. They must be Satanists too!

      • Right on I’ll tell you something else you guys don’t know on side one of 2112 last part were it says over and over all planets of the solar federation played backwards on vinal record all sin for Satan plan as day mistake I think not also Ayn rand is very much with nwo

        • 🙂 The backwards masking scare was debunked decades ago. You can not record words, then make them say something else when played backwards. It’s just something that happens by chance. To prove this, all you have to do is randomly pick christian songs, or even preachers, play the recordings backwards and listen for sounds that are similar to whatever you want to hear. If you listen for satan, or evil, or death etc you will hear them.
          Language is just random sound put together.
          There is a video on line from the 80’s where someone is on stage playing Stairway to Heaven backwards, one line at a time, then he would ask “How many of you thought you heard something?” and most of the hands went up, including mine from my living room couch. He would say “Yes, that’s because you did. And here is what you heard” and almost every single time, what he heard was different than what I heard.
          There is no such thing as backwards masking.

          • Are you living in the real world? Or are u just a Luciferian troll trying to brainwash little children who aren’t equipped to fight for themselves? We’ve all heard the brainwashing BS! It’s OVER, stick a fork in the biotch, lol! It’s not the individual bands. It’s the Luciferian Masonic companies they all work for. All the original Holly-wood (this is the wood the Druid witches made their wands out of) studio heads were B’nai Brith Jewish/racist freemasons. They call Lucifer “Oh worshipful master” and think he was an f-ing alien. (lol!) No. I’m not kidding. How do you get a job from within a Christian church? You become a Christian. How do you get a job from within a UFO sex cultist Luciferian masonic lodge? Ditto! It’s NEVER going to change no matter how much ANYONE tries to refute it. These are the undeniable, irrefutable facts. Do some research before you speak.

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  6. 2112 is one of my favorites thanks for clearing that up

  7. I’m wondering if we went to the same religious retreat in Northern California. Learned a lot of interesting false stuff about the Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire, Rush, etc
    Anyway, nice write up. You missed one thing though. In the pentacle with the naked body, the devil’s face is looking back at you. The right side of his face is showing, the left side is buried in the shadows. The devil’s horn travels up the backside of the guys left arm. 🙂

    • Yeah, I’ve heard about that before but decided to stick with things that are actually there. 🙂

    • good for you. YOU are one of the many that DOES do the research instead of blindly taking it for granted that these are 3 of “the good guys”. There is nothing MORE annoying than getting a rush fan to see the truth .. especially when it’s RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES

  8. here is ONE sample of what they REALLY and truly are all about.. the word “shocking”to describe it is an understatement

    • I’ll let you know what I think once I have the chance to watch it.

    • Wow…Just listening to this video, it sounds like this lady has opened herself up to all kinds of demonic activity with what she admits to being involved in. It sounds to me like she has an obsession with Neil Peart and his writing. Knowing what she’s involved in, how could anyone possibly believe anything she’s saying about him, especially considering that he’s a confessed agnostic and probably doesn’t even believe in any of this stuff this lady is talking about.

      This video isn’t remotely proof that Rush is involved with anything other than in this lady’s imagination.

    • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaaaaa… Damn you’re an idiot. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha que pendejo! Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajanajajjajajajajananjajaja…..

      Oh… Reality just sat in as the outrageous comedy wore off. Now it’s just really Sad. I hope you get the help you truly need.

  9. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    i see.. i get it now… since YOU are a rush fanboy as well,what i had to post WONT be shown.. at least, you’ll get to see that i was aware of that. None the less, take a look at the link that i gave… it has the truth.. the whole truth.. and nothing BUT the truth… and only ONE example of MANY that expose this trio that uses occult methods to achieve “success”

    • You posted it less than half an hour ago! I can’t sit in front of the computer 24 hours a day just in case someone happens to post a new comment. LOL!

    • Jeez you’re a loon. Get a grip, and take your fantasy “religion” elsewhere. Tell me, if Christ is right back at the right hand of God, then what was the whole sacrifice about? Nut jobs.

      • Name-calling = intellectually vapid. You’re welcome to post here unless your purpose is simply to demean others who don’t agree with you. Your response here is more like what Neil was talking about in his song “Witch Hunt” than anything I’ve posted here.

  10. The pentacle (that’s what it’s called when the one point faces up) is at the end of the last song on “Exit…Stage Left” because it comes right after the ending of the final stage of the song “2112” with which the pentacle is already associated. As explained in the post, the “red star” is obviously used as a symbol of evil against which the protagonist is struggling against. It’s not presented either on the original artwork for “2112” or at the end of “Exit…Stage Left” as something they think people should worship but actually quite the opposite, as something that should be struggled against, as is symbolized in the silhouette of the naked man with his hands outstretched against the “red star” as if he is resisting it.

    As for the imagery on the “Snakes & Arrows” album, considering the subject of some of the songs is anti-organized religion, I don’t find it that odd that they would included such imagery. Again, I don’t believe for a minute that those guys worship any false gods other than possibly their humanistic beliefs which do permeate some of Neil Peart’s writings.

  11. Dude, enough of the spamming already. If you want to leave a comment or two, that’s fine but this isn’t the place for a personal diatribe.

  12. No need to apologize and your comments will remain as is. God bless you as well.

  13. No problem. I’m not a believer in censoring posts here if they don’t agree with mine. In fact, it makes discussions much more interesting. I don’t spend much time here anymore anyway, so I don’t do much moderation other than approving legitimate posts and getting rid of the spam.

  14. ?? You’re a christian, you believe Rush hates god, that they are satanic, members of the cult, but you’ve ‘gotten back into’ them, you want us to disregard your previous posts but you want us to know what they are “really about”.
    You’re all over the place. You sound like the only person who’s conflicted about the band.

    If anything, I believe they are agnostic/atheist, like myself. You cant hate something you don’t believe exists, nor does that make you a follower of the nemesis, Satan in this scenario, nor anti anything other then being anti-faith, believing in something that has no proof it exists.

    Lyrics such as “His mind is not for rent, to any god or government” aren’t satanic nor of the occult. Tom Sawyer is a person who thinks for himself and wont allow his thoughts to be controlled by any outside entity.

    As for all of the symbols and the huge suppositions in your analysis, what I see are artists expressing themselves creatively through different forms of art.

    If they are satanic, they are doing a poor job in bringing other people into the occult.

    And you didnt even mention the face of the devil in the naked guys back in the pentagram.


    • I have to agree, Joshua. You’re sort of all over the place here. As a Christian, if you feel strongly that the guys in Rush believe in something that is so philosophically opposed to what you believe and that their support of it comes through in their music, then I would urge you to stick to your convictions and not listen to their music. I felt the same at one time also and quit listening to them and other bands like them. Then I studied for myself and found that what I had been led to believe wasn’t necessarily so and my convictions changed.

      Now, don’t get me wrong. There are rock bands who really do believe in and practice Satanism. There are a good number of black metal bands, for instance, who even practice theistic Satanism, meaning they believe in an actual being called Satan and not just the Anton LaVey, atheistic version, where Satan is just a concept and there are no actual gods.

      I don’t believe the guys in Rush fall into that category. Have they used symbols that are associated with the occult during their career? Sure but as I pointed out in my post, it wasn’t in a way that states they think the audience should worship Satan but in a way that represents real evil and that it should be fought against by the “natural man” (represented by the naked man on the back cover of “2112”).

      That being said, I do find it curious that Neil Peart, a confessed agnostic, would wear a shirt that represents what is basically the satanic cross, represented here in this video of his drum solo.

    • Atheist and agnostic are not two totally different points of view. One says there is no god, the other says they dont acknowledge any god. That’s where I believe Rush is, You can write about subjects while not subscribing to the point of view represented. Neil Peart writes about a lot of different things. It’s like writing a script for tv or movies. Stephen King writes fiction about the supernatural. He’s not a satanist. The people who write the gory details on those crime shows arent serial killers.

      You cant assure me of anything about Rush because you base all of your opinions on those lyrics and abstract symbols and you make huge leaps in your interpretation. The lyrics of Tom Sawyer were a prime example.

      Just because something goes against your christian beliefs doesnt make it of the occult.

      Unless you are one of those who believes that if it’s not ‘of god, it’s of the devil’.

      • That is exactly what I’m saying. Though Rush has had an occult symbol or two on their album covers, they’ve never presented them as if it’s something they personally believe in or something their audience should place their faith in. Again, I’ll use the example of the back cover art for “2112”. Yes, the artwork contains the pentacle, which is an occult symbol used especially in witchcraft. Taken just by itself, one might have a point saying that it’s a occult symbol and meant for a more nefarious purpose. However, the use of that occult symbol has to be set in proper context. The silhouette of the naked man has his arms outstretched towards the pentacle, palms outward towards the symbol as if he’s pushing against, or struggling against the evil represented by the pentacle. Therefore, to me the very obvious statement made by this artwork is that the natural man (represented by the naked man) is struggling against (palms outward as if pushing against) evil (represented by the pentacle or the “red star”). To me, it’s highly laughable that hundreds of thousands have been led to believe, based on the one album cover for “2112” that the members of Rush are Satanists based on that. There’s been a very real “Witch Hunt” against Rush because whoever first accused them of Satanism didn’t do their proper homework on that album. Just looking at that artwork on the back cover should have been enough, if not actually listening to or reading the lyrics of the title track.

  15. I sometimes go through and check and see what Google is indexing in my name. This conversation was one of the items that shows up under my name. So, I thought I would check and see if the conversation continued.

    I started laughing at the whole Rush is Satanic. It is a discussion that has been around since televangelist have been busted for looking at naked women and ripping off their audience. Even “That 70s Show” pays tribute to the backwards messages on LPs from the 70s. So, I thought I would share Neil’s response to the accusations of Satanism he wrote back in 1981.

    Here it is:

  16. You can add a few other names to that list…Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), and three former members of Kansas: Kerry Livgren, Dave Hope, and John Elefante.

  17. Rush has a lot of occult symbols on their album covers. Most of them are masonic. I do not believe Joshua is misinterpreting those symbols at all, nor is he making huge leaps in interpretation. So far, everything that he has written in terms of interpretation is exactly what I would have written. I did notice the 666 hand signal used by Lifeson on the R30 video. I also noticed him covering one eye in the Vapor Trails liner notes. Joshua is correct and very observant – these hand gestures and others are becoming more prevalent in the entertainment industry. Have you noticed Tom Cruise and many celebrities, especially rap artists, creating a triangle with both hands? This is supposed to represent the pyramid on the Great Seal of the U.S. You see that emblem on the back of the $1.

    You have to understand that I was oblivious to such things until several years ago. I finally realized about 3-4 years ago that Rush had occult and masonic symbols on their album covers, like many artists in the music industry. Many in the Western world are oblivious to such symbols because we aren’t trained to see them. We are taught certain things in school and in books, but we are symbol illiterate. I’m just scratching the surface myself because learning about the occult and symbolism is a very daunting task.

    Joshua – I didn’t know about the comments Geddy made in the Snakes and Arrows documentary. What Neil is experiencing is what I believe is called automatic writing. It’s the same way Robert Plant wrote the lyrics to “Stairway to Heaven”. I have a copy of the video by Joe Schimmel. The difference between his video and most Christians who just simply claim rock music is satanic is he explains the occult significance of symbolism and lyrics, explains the meanings of lyrics, he goes in depth.

    Dave K, I want to thank you for allowing Joshua to post his comments. Most Rush fans would dismiss him. But understand there is more to Rush than most fans know. But the decision to continue listening to them is of course up to you.

    I have to say I find it quite interesting that I came across this article again, as I have read it a couple of years ago. I find it interesting that the conversation continues after 5 years, particularly that the last post was only 1 day from mine!

    • Well, any truly open-minded person should never just dismiss these kinds of comments as silly without considering them. This is an open forum and, unless someone is personally attacking another individual who posts here or the comments are just meant to be spam, any comments are welcome here, pro or con.

      I’ve studied the use of occult symbology before but it’s been a while, so there are a thing or two that I’m not familiar with that Joshua brought up and I’m grateful for that. As a believer in Jesus Christ, it’s my duty to at least listen to a person when the Holy Spirit may be speaking through others, even when I don’t necessarily agree with what they are saying.

  18. Ok, I just realized something. Take a look at these two pictures. The first picture is the Snakes and Arrows album cover. Notice the position of the person on the cover. The second is a Wikipedia entry with a picture of baphomet. Notice the position of the hands and arms (‘as above, so below’; look up this phrase if you don’t know what it means), legs crossed, light or fire over the head, the caduceus in the crotch area (excuse my language). Now tell me what you think.

    • It’s interesting how the members of Rush will claim that they are agnostic or atheist, yet their album covers are inundated with occult and masonic symbolism. I have come across many of those websites that you mention, Joshua, including The Wikipedia entry on the satanic cross mentions Rush and Clockwork Angels. Here’s a website that I came across numerous times when investigating occult symbolism (not to get off topic): – main page.

      If anyone has doubts about the satanic cross, just check out pictures of satanic rock star King Diamond. I also find it interesting that Peart is friends with Nicolas Cage, who is very much into the occult. Also interesting is how ‘Ghost Rider’ is associated with both.

      This website has an analysis of Rush’s lyrics from a different perspective:

      The term ego death has meaning in the occult.

  19. mentioned the occult symbols on Clockwork Angels. The woman who wrote the article has knowledge of these symbols, otherwise she wouldn’t have written anything about them. Not everything she has written is true, for example, she denies the existence of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) just because the lying FBI said it didn’t exist.

    Anyhow, what is the typical response from rabid Rush fans? One fan even hinted that the writer was like a ‘crazed evangelical propagandist’. Gosh, after all, the name of the site is altreligion, meaning ‘alternative religion’!! The writer probably wouldn’t qualify as an evangelical! ‘Dani’ even said I couldn’t name one occult lyric, yet most of Peart’s lyrics written in the 70’s and early 80’s are occult. These are the same Rush fans who consider themselves to be so intellectual, so free-thinking, so tolerant and enlightened (you can even see the clouds open up when they are elevated into the sky), yet most can’t even recognize what is in front of them. I can’t blame them entirely, because most people in western cultures are symbol illiterate. I was at one time and am still learning. The problem is when you point things out to people, cognitive dissonance sets in and they don’t want to consider it. With the exception of Robby Rush, I don’t think anyone else who responded (except for myself and maybe one other person) ‘got it’. At least other people elsewhere are recognizing the blatant occult symbolism on many music albums, including Rush. b/ 2010/ 06/ 01/ occult-symbols-obvious-in-new-rush-cover.htm

    By the way, it’s interesting watching Professor Griff of Public Enemy expose the illuminati, yet Public Enemy was inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame at the same time as Rush. I wonder if he ever considered Rush’s music and the occult symbolism in the lyrics and album covers.

  20. Play 2112 backwards from all nations of the solar federation it will say all sin for Satan coinsidenece probly not I did like those guys till I figured it out

  21. I was the worlds biggest rush fan turned pothead turned guitar player…. Turned born again Christian. I learned all their guitar parts and in fact were it not for Rush, I never would have picked up a guitar. Rush is just as satanic as Zeppelin or black sabbath. Here are a few of their blasphemous songs: free will, Tom Sawyer, witch hunt, faithless, their entire clockwork angels album, …. Roll the bones is a practice in witchcraft as well as the name of one of their albums….. I am forgetting many of their satanic songs but you get the drift. Oh yeah totem pole is a totally satanic song, as is much if the snakes and arrows album. The whole band are confessed atheists…. Thereby denying Jesus Christ and convincing millions others to do so via their brilliant grooves. I will guarantee they all worship satan. Give your life to Christ and live in heaven forever!!!!

  22. Some Rush fans may keep things civil, but others don’t. I guess that is typical with any group.

    Anyhow, I had mentioned in a previous post that Rush claim they are agnostic or atheist, yet have occult and masonic symbols on their album covers. I also assume they believe in evolution. The thing is, evolution and Darwinism have their roots in (drum roll please …) – freemasonry! There are a series of articles by Phillip Collins on Start with the earliest on the bottom and work your way up. This confirmed what I believed about evolution’s origins. There is definitely a spiritual battle going on.

    I do wonder how much the band members of Rush know. I find it interesting that they have been getting much more attention in the past few years. Believe me (or not), you can’t get anywhere within the entertainment industry without the permission of the occultists who control it. Most entertainers are either under mind control or sold their souls. I don’t know where Rush fits in, I really don’t.

  23. Josh needs to stop posting his garbage here. Rush is NOT in the occult. What a ridiculous and preposterous statement. BTW Christians over thousands of years have murdered and oppressed more people with their “crusades” (both past and present) then all wars combined.
    “Better the pride that resides in a citizen of the world, then the pride that divides when a colorful rag is unfurled”
    Although that lyric refers to government it can be applied to any societal group that divides people, including religion.
    You’re searching Josh, and consequently making a fool of yourself

    • Your statement that Christians have murdered more people with the crusades than all wars combined isn’t even close to being true but I agree with the rest of your statement.

  24. Also the Ouroboros is symbolic of unity and cyclicality. Most symbols have multiple meanings and Josh wants people to believe it’s satanic to further push his agenda.
    Take for instance the cover of 2112. Why is it generally accepted as a satanic or occult symbol? It could also be the named man is mankind in its most pure form symbolizing good, and he’s pushing the star away from him, the symbol of evil.
    Again there is no proof either way and assuming these symbols mean one or the other is nonsense. There are simply too many meanings to make a conclusive decision.
    I believe in the inherent good in all of humanity and to simply bash Rush’s lyrics and symbols when there is no conclusive proof to their meaning is absurd.
    Josh I believe in God as some sort of higher power. But I do not believe religion and how it divides humanity is a positive force for mankind.

    • Actually there is plenty of proof Keith. Sorry for the late reply, but this board pops up in my inbox every few months and today it popped up again, and I wandered on to your astute assessment of the 2112 cover. I don’t know if you knew this before hand, but that is more or less what the cover is expounding.

      The actual song, or rather that first side of the album is about a society where a fascist government has taken over, and the symbol of that government is the star with a circle around it; like a sheriff. Satanists would turn the star upside down. These “Priests” have taken expression away from people, so there is no free will to make art, poetry, music; no musicians or instruments, nothing from the individual. All from the state. Re-listen and you can follow along easily. The Priests of the Temple of Syrinx are the bad guys; not the good guys like a lot of people assume; people that assume the band is satanic I might add. Ah, to hell with it; here the lyrics are;

      “Priests of the Temples of Syrinx”

      “We’ve taken care of everything
      The words you hear, the songs you sing
      The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes
      It’s one for all, all for one
      We work together, common sons
      Never need to wonder how or why
      We are the priests
      Of the Temples of Syrinx
      Our great computers
      Fill the hollowed halls
      We are the priests
      Of the Temples of Syrinx
      All the gifts of life
      Are held within our walls
      Look around this world we made
      Equality our stock in trade
      Come and join the brotherhood of man
      Oh what a wide contented world
      Let the…”

      So these “Priests” hold all the cards, and keep the population in control. They are hiding behind the premise of Socialism; which Peart was adamantly against being a huge Ayn Rand fan. In fact I bet most of the people calling Rush satanists, would also agree that “socialism” is evil. Peart is basically standing up for what a lot of Evangelicals believe about government. Although he has since grown up and doesn’t see the issue as binary any more; unfortunately most of his detractors never will.

      So the next song after this is called “Discovery”, and this is where you hear the guitar strumming and tuning up. The player is who will become the leader of the revolution, and he is discovering a guitar for the first time in the history of this civilization. How does he figure out how to play it so quickly? Probably Satan (that’s a sarcastic joke Evangelicals). So he starts playing and that song turns into “Presentation/Oracle/Soliloquy/Grand finale;Melody” which is basically a rock opera about how the fascist were beat by individualism and freedom of expression. That’s where the naked man comes in. It represents humanity at it’s core, all stripped down of outside influence and empowered by freewill to overcome it’s oppressors. If you don’t believe me evangelicals; there is plenty of exposition about the subject online, including some from the actual creators of the song.

      So that’s the full story behind the cover Kieth; you were damn near spot-on. But for those of you freaking out about 2112 being Satanic; I’ve just easily disproved all of that, and all you ever had to do was Google the lyrics to the music. But you prefer to drum up fear, because It’s what you get off on. These were kids writing a rock opera. They were 23 years old when they wrote this folks. The lyricist was really into Ayn Rand (just like all your political heroes) and they were unpopularly against, hippy socialist concepts. The same things a lot of you are against today. The difference is they grew up, and changed their views on a few things; you all still haven’t. (drops mic)

  25. I don’t have any emails from you.

  26. If anyone is checking the comments here to look for follow-ups and notices that Joshua’s posts are not here, I have removed them as he asked me to do so. I would have preferred they stayed but if someone wants them removed, I will oblige. Just wanted folks to know that users are not being censored. Unless someone posts porn or some kind of nasty, gory, something-or-other, I’ll allow it.

  27. i See ppl talking about him wearing a cross… so what? a cross is just an unfolded cube.. it is more occultism.. so many are fooled. Look at the album cover for Rush’s single titled “Caravan” it’s clearly the alchemical symbol for Sulphur which is the same symbol Anton Lavay used, he was head of the church of satan for years… so think what you will.. rush is into occult stuff. possibly freemasons. Temples of Syrinx has some clues in the lyrics

  28. You sir, are an idiot. Jimmy page is “Interested” in the occult? The guy is the most know musician to actually practice crowleys bullshit. Look what he gained: guitar mastery which is given to him by the demons. And if the only thing satanic about rush that you seem to notice is their pentagram on 2112, maybe research other songs like freewill, Tom sawyer, witch hunt, totem pole, carve away the stone, and c’mon all the tarot cards and shit from vapor trails? An album called roll the bones which is how witches look into the future? And I am not even mentioning little ditties like faithless from snakes and arrows or the entire clockwork Angels album. Unless you are a born again Christian, you will be completely blind to rush’s blatant satanic and pagan hidden themes.

    • You’re welcome to post here as long you leave out the name-calling. There’s no need for it and it only causes you to appear intellectually vapid.

      Anyway, apparently, you either didn’t read the complete post or you just don’t excel at reading comprehension. For the record, I said Page “is truly at least fascinated with IF NOT AN OUTRIGHT PRACTITIONER OF THE OCCULT”.

      Your other critiques may be valid but this article deals only with the song “2112” and the album cover for the album of the same name. If you want to discuss those songs, album covers, or other artwork, then please do so somewhere else.

      In response to your last statement, yes, I am what most people would refer to as a born-again Christian. If you’re a Christian as it would seem from that statement of yours, it would serve your Christian witness and representation of Jesus well if you’d respectfully engage in dialogue with someone you don’t know rather than jumping right in with the name-calling.

    • Wow finally someone intelligent i appreciate your posts damn it I ALWAYS thought and felt there was something up with rushs lyrics way too vague at the surface, they say it’s open for interpretation, very rarely comment on the true meanings of their songs, interesting

  29. I agree Dave, we should keep it civil. Joe Schmo, you make some good points, but understand some of us see things that others don’t see or who refuse to see it. Not to get off topic, but there is a lot of occultism not just with 2112, but with many Rush albums, and the same with a lot of musical groups/artists. It’s in video games, tv shows, music videos, movies, album covers, advertisements, company logos, etc. Much of it is via symbolism, and we in Western society are not trained to see it. So most are going to deny it exists, even though they should have more of an open mind.

    Anyhow, I just came across this video, and it has a lot of Rush references:

    Part 1 of the -101+The Deepest Story Ever Told through MOVING PICTURES!

    Btw, it’s too bad Joshua’s posts were removed by his request. I think he had many valid points.

  30. I should have known this site is nothing more than an evangelic echo chamber. You people are so terrified of life, you refuse to live it. Meanwhile, so of the biggest “sinners” on the planet are of your cult. Even the author…going on about Page being an occultist…get a grip. There are a lot of really interesting/artistic aspects of the occult, but that doesn’t mean these people practice “occultism”. Some people find the occult interesting, because they are shocked people can be so deluded. Much like the way people will look back on the lot of you in a hundred years.

    You see, you people are so lost in the fantasy of your own faith, that you can’t recognize that there is no occult. There are no mysterious forces to conjure up, it’s all in your paranoid minds. Neil Peart is well read, and brings influences of literature into his work. Intelligence seems to be “Satanic” to you people. Let me tell you how Jimmy Page and Alex Lifeson became such great musicians. Practice and talent. What a bunch of nut-job haters. Because nobody pays attention to you or your lives, anyone living in the limelight must be evil.

    You guys also don’t seem to understand that even with Swedish death metal, the whole satan thing is all about MARKETING!!! The music is popular with angry, hormonally driven teen-age boys, and some of them get off on that silly stuff. There have been some Metal bands that do practice satanism, and they have gone out and murdered other members of other bands…because they are mentally ill. I believe three fourths of you people should go see a Dr. yourselves. However, practicing satanism is just as ridiculous as worshiping “Jesus” to me. I can’t imagine how bored and self-loathing most of you are, and I feel sorry for you, but mostly for the people you come in contact with. Jesus please save me from your followers.

    • Jimmy Page has a known interest in the occult. It has nothing to do with his skill as a guitarist and I haven’t ever indicated otherwise. I enjoy much of Led Zeppelin’s music.

      It seems like you’re fighting windmills here. If you want to post contrary opinions here, you’re welcome to do so, but please do so respectfully. Otherwise, get lost.

    • Your delusional or afraid of the truth one or the other. That whole thing you didn’t make one true point

  31. I just made a post under a youtube video that declares Rush to be satanic because of this album cover. I informed him that he owes the band an apology,so we will see if he comes through with one !

    • Thanks Steve! Rush are Humanists, the majority of the evangelicals should look that word up.

  32. Nice article. I am a Christian. Like rush music.

  33. Wow, some of you on here really believe the tripe you’re selling about what the songs of Rush are all about. The band has been quoted many times as saying they let the listener interpret the lyrics and the meanings. Why not just enjoy the fantastic entertainment and save your sleuthing skills for cancelled episodes of “Murder, She Wrote”? Most of you are reading way to much into the meaning of something just isn’t there. Get a grip.

    • Well said Steve. I believe these are people that are motivated by fear. They’re afraid of their own shadows…if their preacher tells them to be. I see this behavior most rampant in born-agains and Trump worshippers. Of course Faux News has helped the process. Its sad. The guys from Rush are kind; generous, and very much anti-GOP; as good people should be; Christian or not.

      • Good people and people who are paying attention should be anti-GOP AND anti-Democrat. Both parties are corrupt to the core.

        • I don’t really put things in simple categories like “Good People” or bad people. Neither do I attempt to allocate what “should” or should not be. It seems that kind of categorical thinking has roots in the current paradigm. I do agree in the belief that both parties are corrupt; however, Trump isn’t a member of either party in actuality. He is by far, IMO, the most poisonous candidate of my lifetime, and I do believe he is a bi-product of GOP policy. For that reason and many other’s I wouldn’t support him or his “party”, if your life depended on it…sorry.

  34. Great article!!

  35. If Neil Pearl denies the existence of Satan, then he also denies the existence of God. First God created Lucifer, who fell from God’s Grace in order to succumb & overthrow God from his throne. Lucifer was jealous of man which was God’s creation. Lucifer saw that man was much more beautiful than he was & jealous that God gave dominion to man over Earth. Thus Lucifer challenged God for dominion over man & God accepted his challenge knowing man would someday overthrow him and as the song goes the meek shall inherit the Earth.

    • Good job genius! Yes Peart is Agnostic; like 20% of the country and growingl… Take your self-delusions and sub par IQ down to the church and pray for some brains. That’s the only way you are ever going to get enough courage and intelligence to take responsibility for yourself….i.e. Its never going to happen.

  36. RUSH, MY FAVORITE MUSICIANS ! HUGH Syme is the origin of any and all pagan symbols. Niel Peart shows his belief in nature/wiccan beliefs , knowing or unknowingly by his calaboration with Syme on imagery. I am far from an Agnostic.I think in time the intelligence of members of Rush , if wholeheartedly looking, WILL FIND TRUTH to all answers they have searched for , but had no time for. I studied all religions and evolution, etc. Now I have found the truth.!!! Religion and a lack of a God are the main obstacles that keep people from the truth. JW.ORG , TIME IS SHORT, HURRY IN YOUR HUNT; IF IT IS SINCERE. HOPE to c u all soon.

  37. Really genius? Ozzy Osborn, Frank Zappa, Madonna;.you think they’re Christians? I could go on and on smart ass. I guess you’ve never heard of ironic fashion, or simply fashion in general? Or stage costumes and make-up? Come on??? Lots on non-christians ware crosses, and a cross doesn’t only symbolize Christianity either. If you weren’t so narrow-minded and inexperienced; you would know this. In fact if you knew anything about the band & person in question; you would know part of the band’s legacy and story, is that they couldn’t find their “look” for about 20 years, and they annually paraded-out completely different fashions, than they had worn on the previous years tour. That cross was just part of some publicist’s latest “in-look”. Epic FAIL. Try harder next time.

    • Who are you responding to?

      • Unfortunately I had two messages from this page this morning. If it doesn’t make sense to you; it’s likely not in response to you. I’m not being a smart-ass; its just that since I don’t know the person’s name or email (I already tossed the original msgs) I can’t give you a positive answer. It was in reply to someone who referenced Peart wearing a cross at some point in his career over the past 40+ years.

  38. Okay…Just wanted to check. That wasn’t me. Funny how this post comes alive every few months/years with new comments. LOL!

    • Yeah the reply protocol is really strange on this platform too. I replied to you; but at the top of the dialog box it says replying to “Marc woods”? Maybe the OP? Idk, but this response is for Dave K haha

      It is funny, but I think part of that is because it’s so unbelievably absurd, and always has been. It’s all willful ignorance. If these critics would just spend one hour reviewing the lyrics which are easily available to them; they would know that these guys are any but worshipers of “satan”. Most Christians can’t fathom that people don’t believe in hell, and that by logical conclusions; a satanist would have to be a type of Christian to believe in Satan to begin with. I can’t shake my head enough when I read these comments 🙂 I guess it’s a guilty pleasure. When I’m feeling unhappy with myself, I can always read over a few of these comments, and remember just how much I have together. Haha, -Best J

  39. I am sorry to shatter your world my friend. I too was raised on that band. I listened to nothing but for many years. I recently began pulling apart the symbolism of their album covers and Peart’s lyrics noticing that there were blatantly clear references to MK Ultra, Satan, & many other masonic hat- tips. Then I found this link;
    I am hoping that you will begin to learn that the ENTIRE MUSIC INDUSTRY as well as films from HOLLYWOOD (holly trees are steeped in majick, holly wood is used for wands.) Lucifer was the most beautiful angel of all. In charge of the music of Heaven & it isn’t difficult to imagine that Lucifer after the rebellion might gravitate to music & entertainment like tv & films to confuse the masses into following himself or anyother of the false prophets sent to confuse & suduce us away from the true God, Jesus is King and only through him might we find salvation and forgiveness our sinful ways. The end is coming, soon. I hope you find the link as interesting and eye opening as I did? God bless.

    • You’re only one of the ones on here that knows the truth. For anyone reading this and not understanding what he’s talking about ….. your journey is not over yet. We’ve all been where you are now, disputing all of it, writing it all off, citing religious hysteria, blah, blah, blah. Been there, done that. But in the end when our eyes where finally opened to how the religion of freemasonry was running the Hellywood studios and their record labels then you’ll understand what you’ve been looking at the whole time. Like the UFO imagery on Journey albums and Boston albums. The Pyramids and the all seeing eyes etc.,etc. These are their religious symbols like a cross or a fish is to a Christian…

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