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I Must Be an Evil Conservative


A recent comment by a coworker started me thinking about the whole global warming topic again…

We were having our annual Thanksgiving lunch.  There are only six of us, so it’s not a real big to-do but it gives us all a chance to chat together and forget about work for awhile.  Anyway, the topic turned towards the weather and one of my coworkers mentioned something about global warming.  The jist of his comment was along the lines of “Everyone believes in global warming”.  I couldn’t let the opportunity pass, so I mentioned that I didn’t believe in global warming.  He then commented about how all “us” conservatives probably got that from Rush Limbaugh.  I chuckled a bit because, even though I really am a conservative, I simply cannot stand Rush Limbaugh.  I’ve tried several times to listen to his show but I’ve never been able to make it all the way through one show.  He just comes across as an arrogant blowhard to me.  I told him I can’t stand Limbaugh but he just kind of shrugged it off as if his comment still applied to me 100%.

He then walked outside to smoke a cigarette as he often does and, when he came back in, he made another statement that just really, to me, encapsulates the mindset of those who worship the global warming gods…He said something to the effect that, when you get older and you start thinking about your kids and grandkids (he is a recent grandfather), your perspective changes on things like these, referring to global warming.  The inference being that we need to make sure the environment is cleaned up for the sake of our children.  Perhaps I just read too much into his statement but I’ve been around internet message boards and debated the topic enough to have been accused several times of wanting to pollute the planet because I don’t worship at the altar of man-made global warming.  With all that was in me, I really wanted to utter a sharp retort but my better nature told me that it would probably be more prudent to let it slide this time around.

Regardless, that mindset is evident everywhere you look.  You’re automatically branded a wanton destroyer of everything good about the earth.  I have news for you…That mindset is absolutely false.  No, I probably don’t support every law and regulation that environmentalists are pushing to get enacted.    I do, however, support the development of alternative sources of energy, particularly sources like wind, solar, and clean coal technology.  I support the development of hybrid vehicles, whether they run on cleaner-burning fuels or other nonconventional energy sources.  I support cleaning up the environment where it is possible to do so.  I support limiting toxic emissions where possible, without driving up the cost of doing business to astronomical heights.  No one wants to breathe dirty, nasty air.  I’m sure there are other common sense solutions to a cleaner environment that I support but I think you get the picture by now.

At its core, this is one of those demonization tactics that is often levied against those of us who don’t walk in lockstep with the goosestepping global warming Nazis.  Every once in a while, though, I like to tweak the noses of those folks just a bit by using the picture you see at the top of this blog post in my sig on some of the message boards I frequent.


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