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Good for Her!


Some feminists are apparently outraged about comments that Michelle Obama has made regarding her role as a wife to President-elect Barack Obama and mother to their two young girls.  A noted feminist, Rebecca Traister, recently wrote for Salon.com:

But with progress comes inevitable regress, and in our stouthearted dash to fit this family into a comfortably familiar tableau, we have fallen back into other, far too familiar, cultural traps: you know, like forgetting everything we’ve learned in recent decades about female achievement and identity.

Feminist author Linda Hirshman has also been quoted as saying that Michelle Obama is “letting down the team” by choosing motherhood over a career at this point in her life.  Hirshman has also previously argued that women choosing motherhood over a career are robbing themselves and, by association, all women of their status and progress.  She’s also stated that “If you think about the sort of world this sort of mom-ism is offering, it’s pretty horrifying. Ph.D.s who are wiping butts. I’m sort of surprised I’m the first person to get out there and say this is immoral.”  Well, isn’t that special?  I guess I wasn’t aware that being highly educated AND taking time off to be a full-time mom is immoral.

I, for one, give kudos to Michelle Obama for putting their children first when she could very easily get wrapped up in other pursuits.


2 Responses

  1. I would have to agree. She is to be commended for what she is doing. Why do people think someone “less educated” is “more qualified” to raise our children these days. Part of raising children is setting a good example for them and I think Michelle has done that in getting her education. Why should she not now share that love of education and mentoring with her children? Sounds like the feminists want today’s educated females to forsake the next generation of feminist. I think there is more danger of a “back sliding” if she did not take time out for her daughters.

  2. Thanks, Steve. I’m not a big fan of either Obama but I admire her for this.

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