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Pentagon to Deploy 20,000 Troops Within the U.S.

Apparently, the U.S. military plans to have 20,000 troops deployed within our own borders by 2011, supposedly trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other acts of domestic terrorism or disasters. This comes according to Pentagon officials. The entire story can be read at The Washington Post’s web site.

To me, this seems like yet another curtailment of our freedoms, following other bad laws like the Patriot Act and the federal government’s increasing role in ownership of private industry due to the bailout bill passed recently by Congress.

Of course, the mantra repeated by defenders of these kinds of legislation is that they are necessary and that, in the case of the Patriot Act, they haven’t been used to curtail freedoms. That isn’t what’s at issue here. To me that’s like saying you’re giving your 16-year old child the keys to your brand new Ferrari and giving them no restrictions on its use and then saying two weeks later, “Well, they haven’t abused their freedom yet!” The operative word here is “yet”. Do we really want the federal government having the power to deploy military personnel within our own borders? Isn’t that what the state governors are supposed to have the power to do with the National Guard?

Some conservatives and Bush supporters cried out against perceived socialist tendencies in Barack Obama, yet it seems like we’ve already got it with George W. Bush in office. Fortunately, the American Civil Liberties Union, with whom I typically disagree, and the Cato Institute are at least troubled about this new proposal. Let’s hope that their concern exceeds that when and if this is implemented.

I never thought it would be possible, in my lifetime, to see the decline in freedoms that it seems are now rapidly eroding right in front of us. The pathetic thing is that a vast majority of the populace doesn’t even realize it.


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