Good to the Last Dropping!

Are you a coffee connoisseur? If so, Kopi Luwak may be the coffee for you. It is the most expensive coffee in the world.

Kopi Luwak, also called Civet coffee, is made from coffee berries that have been eaten by and passed through the digestive track of the Asian Palm Civet, a type of wild cat. The Civets eat the berries but the beans pass through their system undigested. This takes place in the Philippines. The coffee is sold for between $120 and $600 per pound. There is also a similar coffee, called weasel coffee, produced in Vietnam.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker anyway and I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to eat OR drink anything that has been crapped out by a cat. Thanks, I think I’ll stick with Folgers or just drive through Starbucks for my non-cat-digested brand.


The Journey to Forgiveness

My daughter suffers from FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). At this point in her life, she neither knows about this diagnosis nor would even be able to understand it. Though I understand the unfortunate effects this has on her mental and physical abilities, I still struggle with why this had to happen to her.

As a bit of background, we adopted our daughter from Estonia, where she spent her first six years of life in an orphanage in the southern part of that country. She was born prematurely, at around 32 weeks gestation. After coming to the orphanage, as far as we know, she received only one visit from a relative, her grandmother, just a few months after coming to live there.

I’m angry…Angry that a mother would subject her unborn child to a drug that causes more damage to people and families than any other in the entire world. Angry that a life was unalterably changed before it had barely even begun. Angry that my family is now afflicted with the issues that inevitably result from FAS.

Don’t get me wrong. I am immeasurably blessed by God. I am certain, through His providence, that we were led to adopt our daughter and that He has a plan and special blessings in store for us. But that doesn’t take away the pain and heartache that has occurred in our lives as a result of one birthmother’s choice, now nearly eleven years ago.

I’m thankful that our daughter’s birthmother saw fit to give up her child, to let someone else take care of her until we were able to adopt her. I still struggle with why she would consume enough alcohol and damage her own daughter in the process. Maybe I’ll never understand it. I just hope I’m someday able to forgive her for it. This journey to forgiveness is a hard process but God never said it would be easy.

Local Church to Distribute Hot Chocolate, Show Movies Night at Area Stores Before Black Friday

For Immediate Release (courtesy of Erik Deckers)
November 26, 2008
Contact: Craig Parker
(317) 903-6850

Local Church to Distribute Hot Chocolate, Show Movies Night Before Black Friday

(FISHERS, Ind.)— People standing in line overnight at a local Best Buy won’t be bored, cold, or thirsty, thanks to a local church.

BridgeWay Community Church will visit Best Buy and other stores to give out hot chocolate and food to people standing in line Thursday night waiting for them to open on Black Friday. They will also show the movie “A Christmas Story” on the side of a rented box truck.

“Not the Jesus and Mary ‘Christmas Story,’ the Ralphie and Randy ‘Christmas Story.'” said Craig Parker, Lead Pastor of BridgeWay. “This year in particular we want to remind people that Christmas isn’t about buying more, it’s about giving more. We’re going to practice what we preach by giving more to the people of our community.”

Members of the BridgeWay will be at the Best Buy store at 17200 Mercantile Blvd. in Noblesville, IN beginning at 9:30 pm. They will bring portable heaters and serve food and hot chocolate to those waiting in line to keep them warm and well-fed. The church will NOT take donations to cover the expense.

BridgeWay Community Church, a non-denominational church in Fishers, is launching the event as part of their Advent series “The Christmas Conspiracy,” a series of messages that encourages people to refocus their hearts and minds during the Christmas season. One third of the church’s offerings in December will benefit a local charity that serves the poor of Hamilton County.

“Over the past few months, we’ve watched the local economy get worse,” said Parker. “But people still feel they need to have a “big Christmas.” We want to show our people there is another way to have a “big Christmas” without buying “big presents” or going into “big debt.”

For more information, visit, or contact Craig Parker at to coordinate times and other possible locations.

Confessions of a Cat Lover

My daughter, Angelica, and Oscar

My daughter, Angelica, and Oscar

Growing up, I never had a dog, at least not that I remember. I’m told we had a dog named Bumble Bee when I was very little but that doesn’t count because my memory does not protrude that far into my past. When we had pets, they were always cats. There was Horatio Quintin Higgins (called just “Higgins”…We were fans of Magnum P.I. and went a little overboard on the name thing…), Velvet, Dip, and a few others. They all mostly met their fate the same way…Getting run over by cars on the main road in front of our house.

Even since I got married more than eleven years ago, we’d only had cats. My daughter (picured above with Oscar) wanted a dog but she settled for a cat, so we’ve had three of them in the house for the last couple of years. Then in May, we visited the local Humane Society to visit an available dog we’d seen advertised on their site. Unfortunately, that dog was quarantined with kennel cough. So we decided we’d see what other dogs were available to visit. If you’ve ever been to the Humane Society and perused the area where the dogs are kept, you know how loud it can be because most of the furry little beasts are barking at the same time, making quite a cacophony. In the midst of this chaos there was one shy little fella who was not barking at all, the only one not making the least bit of noise. We decided to visit with him and the rest is history.

Oscar, a black lab mix, was about eight months old at the time and only weighed 39 pounds, a scrawny little creature. He has very long legs for a lab, so it made him look even more pathetic. We found him to be pretty well behaved, sitting on command, rarely barking, and waiting to pee and poo outside (for the most part…) when it was time to do so. His only real vices at first were chewing everything to pieces, including my wife’s Merrell shoes (there went $80 right out the window) and chasing the one cat who dared not hide in one of the bedrooms. Actually, our daughter’s 10-lb. cat has ended up pretty much owning the dog as he constantly darts out from behind miscellaneous furniture with his de-clawed paws flying furiously, hissing and growling noises emanating from his mouth. It’s quite a funny sight to behold to see a now 80-pound dog being beaten senseless by a tiny, obstinate cat. There’ve been a few occasions when Oscar has not dared re-enter the living room from the kitchen for fear of another sneak attack from behind our futon.

Anyway, to the purpose of this blog entry…I’ve always just kind of tolerated dogs. Going to friend’s houses where a dog was free to roam was sometimes quite an annoyance because I just hate having an over-exuberant canine jumping up on me and trying to lick my face. I can take calm dogs but I’ve always really disliked larger, more energetic ones. Now God has blessed us with one of the latter. He has finally learned not to jump up on me, though he is always happy to see me when I’ve been gone for the day and, yes, I do occasionally allow him to give me a sloppy “doggy kiss” on the chin.

So I confess…I, David Kellogg, who was once a cat lover only, am now a dog lover. Color me dog-smitten.

I do have a question, though, for guys who don’t like cats or who refuse to admit that they do (I think it’s more the latter…). Is it just not manly or, even worse, does admitting you like cats create some lingering thought that there might be the slightest possibility that you might be gay?

Attack of the Butt Bandit

Committing crime must be getting really boring or something like that. In the good old days, fine, upstanding crooks everywhere would just steal your stuff or possibly beat you up-side the head and then take your stuff but at least your dignity was still intact…Well, almost…But anyway…

Reported by the AP yesterday, in Nebraska, 35-year old Tom Larvie was arrested and charged with public indecency and disturbing the peace for leaving graphic representations of his behind and sometimes his groin on the windows of stores, churches, and schools since the spring of 2007. Larvie was apparently caught doing one of these dastardly deeds by police early on Wednesday morning.

I can just hear his excuse now…

Larvie: “Officer, I swear…My pants just happened to fall down when I was standing next to this window and, since I haven’t bathed in three weeks, my greasy backside left an imprint.”

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear that this is the guy who’s responsible for those assless chaps that David Lee Roth used to wear in those cheesy 80s videos.

So Help You God?

Our society has apparently gotten to the point that we’re so litigious that we’ll even slap a lawsuit on the Almighty. Last September, Nebraska state Democratic Senator Ernie Chambers filed a lawsuit against God. He alleges that the Supreme Being has caused “fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornados, pestilential plagues…” You can read more about it on the site.

What I would like to know is…Why Satan wasn’t name as a co-defendant? Is God representing himself or has he been appointed council by the court? Will the Omipotent One plead the 5th if he is asked about unleashing Barry Manilow on an unsuspecting world? Can He be cross-examined about that whole global warming thing and, if so, can we get Him to agree to turn down the temperature a few degrees? Will the judge need to declare a mistrial because of that whole omniscience thing? Can God be sworn in on the Bible since he kinda authored it?

The New Fascism

Is it my imagination or has the uber-left morphed into the “new fascism” that they’ve labelled the right with over the last several years? This doesn’t describe the majority of liberals, mind you, but it does seem to fit the bill for a large portion of the faction that currently controls the Democratic party.

These people have historically found people like Benito Mussolini, fascist dictator of Italy, to be heroic figures. Leaders like this who are currently in vogue include Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Fidel Castro of Cuba. You’d think that these guys were bonafide heroes of freedom the way some on the left speak of them. Leftist celebrities like Michael Moore, Kevin Spacey, Sean Penn, and Harry Belafonte have all been seen schmoozing it up with the South American dictator. Is there something about these guys that I’m just totally missing?

Then there’s the sick, hero worship-type youth choir for Obama. You can view the video at YouTube. This is just kind of freaky and bizarre. Then you’ve got the seeming throng of people who have referred to Obama as a savior, messiah, etc. It’s all just very strange and otherworldly, like we’ve moved back in time to the 1930s era Germany, only with a new face and name. This doesn’t mean that I’m referring to Obama as Hitler because I don’t believe that but all the adulation and praise being heaped upon him is just a bit over the top.