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Tolerance Is the Cry

I guess I’m a hatemonger…If you happen to be conservative and against the legalization of gay marriage, that is what you’re labeled as. You’re immediately painted with a broad brushstroke that few in that group actually deserve. Add to that mix that you’re a Christian and, all of a sudden, that label becomes not just “hatemonger” but “religious zealot hatemonger”. You’re then lumped in with the homophobic crowd and, even worse, with the likes of the GodHatesFags group (see one of my previous blog entries for information on them).

My views on the topic of homosexuality, gay marriage, etc., are simply this…As a Christian, I believe the Bible condemns homosexuality as a sin. There are a plethora of scripture references I could pull out of the hat to support this but I think most of you readers (if there are any…) are intelligent enough to find them or have heard them many times before. That’s as far as it goes for me. I don’t fear homosexuals. I don’t hate homosexuals. I do not cross to the opposite side of the street if someone I think is a homosexual happens to be approaching me on the sidewalk. I don’t treat homosexuals any different than I do any other person. That’s part of my calling as a Christian, to enact the Golden Rule in my own life. I’m not going to tell a gay person to their face that they are a sinner. That’s not the way Jesus would do it and part of my calling is to emulate Jesus as much as possible, of which I often fall far short in some areas of my own life.

Tolerance is the cry. If you don’t support gay marriage, it’s because you’re not tolerant. If you think homosexual behavior is a sin, then you’re intolerant. It’s an easily applied yet hard-to-shake label. My question is, why do those who so often cry “Tolerance!” have so little of it for those who respectfully and intellectually disagree? There is room for disagreement on this topic and a whole range of other issues without resorting to the last, and shortest, straw called “tolerance”.


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