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Power and Corruption

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

If you follow politics very much at all, the above quote, famously uttered by Lord Acton, applies to many and seemingly most politicians these days. It seems as though there is some new scandal on an almost weekly basis of some member of Congress getting themselves in trouble in some form or fashion.

I believe many of these politicians head off to Washington, freshly after being elected, with the noblest of intentions. Many of them are upset with the establishment of whichever party is in charge at the time and vow to fight against it, even within their own party. It seems, though, that few of them live up to that ideal and, sadly, end up participating in that very thing that motivated them to seek office in the first place.

When the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006, many a rallying cry was heard that things would be different this time around. Republicans had abused their power both figuratively and literally, sending some to a taxpayer-funded vacation in jail and others to defeat at the hands of their opponent in the election of that year. However, since then, we’ve seen the same old games and corrupting power of fame and fortune take over with the Democrats being involved in the same kinds of dirty games that they were decrying just before they took power.

Let me categorically state that I am a staunch conservative. However, I long ago shed the Republican label when I realized these clowns in the Republican party no longer stood for the same beliefs and values that I’ve come to hold dear. They, along with President Bush and the Democrats, have trampled the Constitution, stumbled over ethics issues, and left good judgment and character in the dust.

Where are the principled, strong leaders that both parties used to have? Sadly, I don’t see them in either party, including the leading contenders for President that we’ll be voting for in just a couple of weeks.


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