If you haven’t heard of the group mentioned in the title to this blog entry, consider yourself blessed. They are members of the Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, Kansas. They are the ones who protest at the burials of our fallen heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan. They are the ones who protest in front of churches whom they consider to be “fag enablers”. They are the ones who protested in Amish country in Pennsylvania following the tragic shooting deaths of several children there. They are the ones who have taken it upon themselves to purposely emotionally harm those who have already suffered immeasurably.

These “Christians” are led by a man I consider to be akin to a false prophet, Fred Phelps. In all fairness, Phelps was a great civil rights attorney at one time, helping blacks who were oppressed by the government. However, his vitriol soon became directed towards homosexuality, a sin he apparently now considers on par with the unpardonable sin. In his twisted theological rantings, he believes that America is now being punished for the sin of homosexuality and for being “fag enablers”. His followers, a majority of which are made of his own family members, carry out his ill will by congregating at funerals, churches, stadiums, hospitals, and wherever else they think they can spread their Gospel of hate.

Following are just a few examples of the kind of tripe you might see on the colorful picket signs they always have on display at their protests:

  • “GOD HATES THE U.S.A” (they often sing “God Hates America” to the tune of “God Bless America”)

The list goes on and on. Even more disturbing is that their own children picket with them, as shown in the picture at the beginning of this entry, carrying signs with the same kinds of filth on them.

Unfortunately, I have not heard much mentioned about this group from the Christian community in general. Why the silence? The national news media has reported on them many times. I’ve heard national radio talk shows discuss them. I’ve seen members of their church appear on television programs. I’ve seen articles in newspapers about them. What I haven’t seen much of is America’s churches speaking out against them. Why, when many of our churches so quickly speak out in condemnation against fallen ministers and the like, do we not hear the same kind of things against what I believe is equally damaging to the true cause of Christ?