Who Are the Real "Flat-Earthers"?

Are you a “flat earther”?  By that question, I am not attempting to discern whether or not you believe the earth is indeed flat.  This is an old tag applied to a new distortion, which is if you do not fall hook, line, and sinker for the idea that global warming is largely caused by man, then you must be akin to those who once believed that if you sailed far enough on the Earth’s oceans, you would surely plunge over the edge to your death in the dark abyss that waits beneath.

Critics of the “flat earthers” like to equate people like me who do not worship the man-made global warming gods with superstitious pagans who don’t know any better.  However, I’m beginning to think that the “man-maders” have more in common with our flat earth ancestors than they claim we do.  This is not a discussion of the science, considerable in my opinion, that shows that man has little or nothing to do with the recent changes in Earth’s climate.

Consider the vitriol used by man-maders against those who would dare assault their global warming fortress.  Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a noted member of the Kennedy family and environmental activist extraordinaire, referred to people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity as “flat-earthers” and even “traitors” (http://www.newsbusters.org/node/13981).  Isn’t this the kind of rhetoric and blind faith that is supposed to be ascribed to those he refers to as “flat-earthers”?

Al Gore, politician extraordinaire and supposed man-made global warming expert, has also used such rhetoric, claiming that the cause he believes in is settled science and that there is no disagreement in the scientific community.  He, of course, discounts the hundreds and perhaps thousands of climatologists, geologists, meteorologists and other acclaimed scientists who disagree with his findings.  These scientists are dismissed as aberrations or, worse, paid off by energy industry fatcats who wish to plunder and destroy the earth for profit.  This is, of course, not true, at least no more so than saying there are scientists who also benefit financially from environmental activist organizations.

Personally, I believe the science is far from settled. This obviously means that I am a “flat-earther” and that I want the environment to be polluted beyond repair. Far from it.  I am all for cleaning up the environment where it is needed.  What I am not for is subjective science that politicians like Al Gore would use to enact huge tax hikes to pay for “solutions” which no one agrees will work in the first place.

So who are the real “flat-earthers”?  Considering the religious zeal and fury that is often displayed by the man-maders against those who don’t follow their beliefs, I think the conclusion is rather obvious.